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Outwell Corvette 7AC: TheSwearingWelshman Review

By MarkBaker 9 months ago

Once upon a time at a campsite in Ross On Wye, while we were sipping ale and feasting on great pies, we stumbled upon a potential new tent. Not last month (well, actually on the 1st March 2019) TheSwearingWelshman and his wife Lisa embarked on locating the perfect new tent addition to the family. We were sat quietly in the Yew Tree in, Peterstow enjoying our fine meals and drink that was lovingly prepared by Claire, the site manager/chef.

Anyhow, we were browsing on our new-fangled slate looking thingies called "iPads" at the digital service that is called Camping World! We always look and oogle at new shiny shinies online  as we were getting more and more perplexed at our other airbeam tent - the Kampa Bergen. The tent itself is awesome, however in the heat last year, we could not sit in the tent as it was stifling! There is only one side door so no air flow through the tent at all.

So, we both come across the Outwell Corvette 7AC and both said OOOOOOOO. We have both been looking looking and eyeing up the Outwell Vermont XLP for years and more recently the Vermont 7SA, however, since a fatal accident involving the steel pole of a Vango Amazon 600 coupled with wind and contact with my manly area one year, we both agreed to sat f*** it to steel poled tent. On top of this, a good majority of reviews on the 7SA were not too good as Outwell didn't have the airbeam system down to a T.

I am now pleased to announce that they have sorted this issue and and the Corvette is half the price of the Vermont and the only thing missing is a side porch entrance and a wardrobe pod, both of which we would not use. So, the Corvette it is.

As it was the 2018 model and they don't have a 2019 model coming out, we had this at a bargain on Camping World - A bundle package of the tent, 4 Royal President Chairs and the Outwell Sudbury kitchen coming in at £899.99 WHAT A BARGAIN!

The Outwell Corvette 7AC in all of its glory!

Quick Overview

The Outwell Corvette 7AC is a 7 berth tent in Outwell's classic green polyester material, it has a fully sewn in groundsheet for the bedroom and living area with a separate bathtub groundsheet for the front area. It is 4000HH on the main canvas and the groundsheet is 10000HH. The roof of the tent is thermo-reflective so it will keep the heat in and the cold out or vice-versa in opposite conditions. It has Outwell's Ambassador Master bedroom pod located at the rear of the tent with is 2.5m in length and spans the width of the tent 4.5m. The tent when erected is 7.5m in length and 4.5m in width weighing in at a total 37.8kg, however they have split the tent in two so it is easier to carry and the main tent weighs 28.9kg and the front sections weighs 9.8kg. There are 5 inflatable beams that unlike the smart air system each have their own inflation/deflation points. I think that this is better as if you only have a manual pump it will take a lot of effort to pump the whole tent up from one point. We have an electric pump so inflation takes around 10 minutes.

The bedroom compartment is Outwell's Ambassador Master bedroom so they are longer than the standard ones and also for 2018 onwards, have more blacked areas to make it darker and easier to keep sleeping in the morning. There are pockets around the bedroom pod for easy storage and, what I think is the best part of the bedroom on this tent is zip points for electrical cables to go through so you can still close the bedroom doors without having a cable running through it. The front of the bedroom has two columns of pelmets with pockets to store more items if needed.

The tent dimensions are 750cm(L) x 450cm(W) x 225cm(H). the beams are pre-angled to allow more head room in the tent. All doors have mesh lining to keep the bugs out and the living area has a door that can be rolled back completely to open up the area for maximum space. The front door can be removed entirely, zipped 1/3, 1/2 2/3 or shut depending on your preference. All windows are tinted and have toggle up curtains. This tent will house a family of 5 or more very easily.

The side doors are next to each other so air flow through the tent is brilliant and sometimes chilly which i love! Even though the windows are tinted, they allow loads of natural light in so you don't need lights until it gets dark.

There are two separate inflatable tensioning beams, one smaller one for the front section and one larger one for above the bedroom compartment to keep the tent taught and prevents sagging in between the beams. these are inflated to around 1.3psi.

There are the usual Velcro points along the beams to hang lighting so your not tripping over the cables and enough guy ropes to sink a battleship!. The Outwell Corvette uses the easy pegging system with 4 massive metal anchor pegs for the 4 corners of the tent (marked with bluey gray tabs.), florescent yellow plastic pegs for guy lines and black plastic pegs for other pegging points. Now i know you might be thinking WTF plastic pegs, but these are great, so easy to put in and easy to pull out as well.


This tent is really simple to pitch. I know following the instructions is a MUST for some people, but i would always recommend watching Attwoolls pitching videos on YouTube to make your lives easier. Anyway, I usually roll the tent out, peg down the 4 corners without tensioning the straps, then I pump the middle beam first, followed by the next one to the front, then the back one and finally the front one. Then I attach the front section to the tent via its zip and then pump that beam last. I then tension the back 2 corners and go around making each beam taught and pegging it down. finally stretching the front two pegs and tensioning those.

I then go and untie all guy lines and peg those down, this tent has loads of the as you can see by the image above. The tent itself took around 20-30 minutes to pitch as I was not rushing.

The carpet

The Outwell Corvette has an optional fitted carpet and I would recommend getting it if you can as it adds that extra comfort under your feet and helps to protect the groundsheet inside the tent. It covers the main 'living' area of the tent. The tent itself has a sleeping area, a living area and a porch area. The carpet fits in the living area and adds a lot of warmth to the inside in the evenings and night.

The footprint

The footprint is another optional extra for this tent and provides extra protection to the sewn in groundsheet. It covers the whole tent including the front section so you dont really need the bathtub groundsheet if you dont want ot put it in.

The Dual Protector

The last optional extra for this tent is Outwell's Dual Roof Protector. It provides and extra layer of protection above the tent and has a silver side and a black side. The silver side reflects the heat to keep the tent cool and the black side does the opposite. I would strongly recommend getting this as it cooled the tent down in minutes after we put it on. It also allows for a makeshift canopy over one side of the tent. As this tent has no awning option this flap provides a bit of cover to relax under and a bit of privacy. You will need king poles for this that are not included but the flap section can be zipped off if needed.

Key Specifications

  • Berth: 7 person
  • Doors: 3
  • Flysheet HH: 5000mm
  • Groundsheet HH: 10000mm
  • Weight: 37.8kg (Two bags: on 28.9kg and the other 9.8kg)
  • Bedroom compartment: 250cm(L) x 450cm(W) x 215cm(H)
  • Beams: 5 x Outwell Air Comfort beams (max PSI: 8)
  • Flysheet fabric: Outtex 5000 (100% polyester oxford/taffeta) with taped seams
  • Windows: 7 with toggle up curtains and tinted.
  • Vents: 5

Other Features

  • Power Air Tube system, with seperate inlet and outlet points on each beam
  • longer bedroom compartment at 250cm in length for larger floor area
  • Night sky ceilings in the bedrooms to cut down light levels
  • Thermo-reflective coating above bedroom to regulate temperature.

TheSwearingWelshman Review of the Outwell Corvette 7AC

Exclusively for Campspace and Camping In Britain, TheSwearingWelshan reviews the Outwell Corvette 7AC

Worth the money? Watch the Swearing Welshman's review and decide for yourself - but don't let the kids watch! He's called the Swearing Welshman for a reason! We laughed so much we have asked him back so keep an eye out for his next review.


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