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Vango Taiga 600 Air Beam Review

By MarkBaker 11 months ago

So, the Vango Taiga 600 XL AirBeam tent was the first brand new tent we purchased ad in hindsight we may have gone with the Vango Illusion 800 XXL. Anyways I digress, The Vango Taiga is in the Excel range of tents offered by Vango in 2016. The excel range tents are in the green you see in this tent. It is the entry level tents but being an entry level tent does not take away from some of the features of this tent.

We purchased this tent as a bundle package that consisted of the tent with pump included, the fitted carpet and the footprint. The total cost of this package was £950.00 which was pretty reasonable for what you get. It is an Airbeam tent so the main strength of the tent comes from the integrate inflatable tubes that are in place of the traditional fibre/steel poles. There are 4 main airbeams that inflate using Vango's proprietry valve and connector, so straight away you are in a pickle if you forget the pump as you are unable to use a standard electric pump and fitting. The front pole is a standard fibre pole as the tent is part of the entry level excel range, Vango have tried to keep costs down.

Quick Overview

The Vango Taiga 600XL 2017 is a 6 berth tent in Vango's light green material. It has a fully sewn in groundsheet and the main tent is 4000HH, the groundsheet is 10000HH. It has 4 main airbeam tubes that form the main tunnel structure, one 12mm vango powerflex fibreglass pole for the front area nad door and a final pole for the side door's rain free area. The bedroom compartment is at the rear of the tent and spans the width. The tent can be pitched in around 15-20 minutes.

The bedroom compartment has pockets arounf the inside and is split into three seperate "rooms" that can be removed to make one small and one larger room or completely to make one massive bedroom.There is a zipped section for the EHU to be brought in from the outside. The tenthas 3 doors, one to the front that is in two pieces and can be split in the middle or rolled up out of sight to open the porch area.

The tent itself is 725cm(L) x 450cm(W) x 220cm(H) and the airbeams are pre-angled so has plenty of room at the sides for those taller campers!laughing

Being one of the entry level tents, the only door that has mesh panelling is the front door so this can be an issue when trying to allow airflow through as the side doors allow bugs in. There are 6 large clear plastic windows around the sides and front of the tent that allows natural light inbut have toggle up curtains to allow privacy in the evenings. There are cable tidies and lamp holding points on both beams in the main living area to allow trip/hazard free lighting in the night. It has plenty of luminous guyropes all around the tent to make it really sturdy and to prevent you from tripping over them.


The bundle was purchased for £950.00 all together from an online retailer (current price of the tent alone is £1000.00 for the 2018/19 model). This being purchased directly with Vango allowed us to have a 1 year manufacturers warranty that would have been better than buying from a 3rd party reseller.


Due to this tent being an AirBeam tent, pitching a exremely simple. The main tent needs to be layed out and the for main corner pegging points pegged down. Then pump one of the two middle poles up to 7-9psi depending on weather. repeat with the other middle one to allow you to open the side door to allow air into the tent and assist in getting the front and back poles pumped up. I would recommend purchasing one of Vango's electric pump if you dont have a lot of upper body strength as the manual pump can be a killer. Once all 4 beams are inflated unpeg the front two pegs and then pull out all 5 beams so they are taught and they are fully stretched out. re-peg the front two peggs in their new positions. Finally slide in the front fibre pole and side pole for the side door and then peg down each pole point. The taiga uses Vango's tension sysem where you peg the point down and pull the tensioner tab to secure the point right down.

The carpet

The Taiga has an optional fitted carpet and I would recommend getting it if you can as it adds that extra comfort under your feet and helps to protect the groundsheet inside the tent. It covers the main 'living' area of the tent. The tent itself has a sleeping area, a living area and a small porch area. The carpet fits in the living area and adds a lot of warmth to the inside in the evenings and night.


The footprint is another optional extra for this tent and provides extra protection to the sewn in groundsheet. It covers the main part of the tent up to the front door so is slightly shorter than the tent itself.

Key Specifications

Berth: 6 Person
Doors: 3
Flysheet Hydrostatic Head: 4000(mm)
Groundsheet Hydrostatic Head: 10000(mm)
Weight: 29.5kg
Groundsheet fabric: Double coated 100% polyethene
Windows: 6 with toggle up curtains
Vents: 3

TheSwearingWelshmans review of the Vango Taiga 600XL

On a very windy day in West Wales, the Swearing Welshman conducted a tent review of the Vango Taiga 600 XL.

Like many, he concluded that this versatile airbeam tent gives a lot of tent for the money, a few corrections, the length is 7.25m not 7.5m – but we’ll forgive him that.

It was such rough weather that many of the caravan awnings on the seasonal pitches had collapsed (including the ones opposite). The airbeam stood up perfectly to the windy conditions, which included torrential rain, but the occupants inside were warm, cosy and dry.

Check out the video – as always, apologies for the swearing – it’s what he does!

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